Game publisher Tripwire Interactive, who previously brought us the Killing Floor and Rising Storm series, revealed an exciting new trailer for Blindside Interactive’s new shark RPG titled Maneater. The trailer for the open world game was shown at the E3 PC Gaming Show this week. Blindside Interactive is no stranger to bringing sharks to life virtually, having released 2014’s Depth.

maneater e3 2018

Maneater is a single-player action RPG with a shark skill tree that takes place in the waters of the Gulf Coast. Players roam around as the shark, just equipped with your revenge-filled brain and a whole lot of teeth. You’re also able to evolve as you feed, so that is your goal. Stake your claim on the coastal waterways, unsuspecting swamps, or the open sea.

The trailer starts off calm and peaceful, with vacationers and fisherman enjoying the outdoors. Suddenly, the shark comes along and wrecks havoc on everything in sight, from people hanging out by the shore and swimmers to docks and boats. Nothing is safe or off-limits.

The release date for Maneater states is currently TBA and will be released on PC. Check out the Steam page here and the trailer below.

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