Meet the Team

Melissa Hannon
Owner / Editor-in-Chief / Podcast Host

Melissa is the owner and editor-in-chief of Horror Geek Life! She's a sucker for cheesy horror, a Fallout addict, and collects way too many comics. She's also a film judge for the 2018 Women in Horror Film Festival.

Brent Hannon
Site Design

Brent was raised on gaming and has a deep love for practical effects in films, especially sci-fi. In addition to creating content and writing, Brent is Horror Geek Life's official IT guy. If it's broken, blame him.

Matt Aspin
Lead Writer

Geek. Coffee Drinker. Troll Hunter. Northerner. Owner of a beard, an attention seeking cat and 2 arsehole dogs.

Jeremy Dick
Contributing Writer / Contributing Editor

Jeremy is a head editor and writer for and in addition to contributing to Horror Geek Life. He is also the world's leading expert in all things Friday the 13th: A New Beginning. Or, so he believes. 

Donnie Keller
Contributing Writer

Donnie is an opinionated movie buff from New York. He can always tell you who that guy was from the flick about that thing from a few years back.

Tyson Hanks
Contributing Writer

Tyson is a fan of horror, both literature and film. He is also a published author, and while he has yet to receive a literary award, he did get a gold star on a middle school English paper once. Tyson's work has been published in Sanitarium Magazine, as well as the World War I horror anthology Kneeling in the Silver Light. His first novel, Greetings from Barker Marsh, was released in September 2016. Check out his author site here.

Michelle Swope
Contributing Writer

In addition to being a contributing writer for Horror Geek Life, Michelle also writes film reviews and interviews for and Anatomy of a Scream. She loves indie horror and pastel hair color.

David Corley
Contributing Writer

David is a contributing writer for Horror Geek Life and runs, which is a satirical news website for the Charleston, South Carolina area.