The Black Suit of Death is a fantastic new sci-fi/horror/comedy comic book from Warrior Innkeeper Creative. It was co-written by E.R. Ellsworth and Benjamin Kreger, and features art by Dexter Wee.

It is a story about a depressed college student who discovers an alien suit of armor during a failed attempt at suicide, and will eventually use it to become a ruthless killing machine. Issue one of The Black Suit of Death introduces us to Edd Grimes, a typical geeky student, who has aspirations beyond community college and playing weekly D&D with his friends and girlfriend. Unfortunately for Edd, things in his life unravel very quickly in this first issue, and he ends up horribly depressed and seeing no option other than ending it all. Luckily for him (and the audience), he finds a reason to go on in the strangest of places.

The Black Suit of Death #1 is a great introduction to this story.  It highlights the struggles that people with depression go through, but it also is loaded with humor to counterbalance. Issue one does an excellent job of establishing who Edd is and what is important to him. It show us his friends and family, and how the world in general treats him, all of which is bound to be important in how he decides to use the BSOD in future issues.

black suit of death

E.R and Ben’s writing feels honest and real, as if it comes from a deeply personal place. The characters interact like I imagine real people would if they were in these situations, and that’s a testament to their writing style. Dexter Wee’s art tackles several challenging and diverse scenes in this issue. We see a Dragon, a fully occupied college campus, a desert, a massive flood, and even the futuristic weaponry of the BSOD. Dexter does an exemplary job with all of these different types of art, and I’m really excited to see what he has in store for us in future issues where Edd and the BSOD actually begins killing people.

The Black Suit of Death #1 and the prequel story Black Suit of Death: The Ides of March, are available now on Comixology and at They are also currently running a Kickstarter for issue two, and have both previous issues available as rewards! Check that out here, and support them if you can! The campaign ends on Wednesday, July 12th!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the initial entry into The Black Suit of Death story. It feels gritty and real, but also contains a lot of humor. I’m really looking forward to checking out issue two (so go support their Kickstarter campaign)!


Black Suit of Death #1
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