Cursed World Problems is black comedy from writer and director Doug Hawley and co-writer Ivana Darson. The 8 minute film follows an expecting couple who are told about an old gypsy curse that was put on the husband’s bloodline. If they, along with the husband’s parents, don’t figure out a solution quickly, things could go very wrong.

Although the premise sounds a bit generic, I can assure you that Cursed World Problems is anything but. As the details of the curse are revealed, the film takes on a whole new, over-the-top tone. One I completely didn’t see coming. While there aren’t a lot of scares to be found, the dark humor hits every note. Expecting father Harold, played by Fernando Hernandez Jr., basically stole the show with how well he delivered the comedy.

I also have to admit that I didn’t quite expect the special effects and makeup to be what they were. The Gypsy, played by Amanda Ives, looked fantastic. Although you can tell by her appearance that it isn’t to be taken seriously, the work that went into the makeup is pretty impressive.

During the last scene of Cursed World Problems, The Gypsy is reunited with the bloodline she cursed for a big showdown. The effects used during this scene were really well done and a highlight of the film. Another highlight was seeing a mother shooting away with automatic weapons while giving birth. Just to give you a taste of what’s in store here.

If you’re up for a fun gypsy tale and laughs, do yourself a favor and check out Cursed World Problems.

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Cursed World Problems
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