Friday the 13th: The Game’s Gun Media and IllFonic announced today that players can soon take on the role of Roy Burns, the Jason Voorhees copy-cat killer from 1985’s Friday the 13th: A New Beginning. Although the film wasn’t met with the best reception upon its release, it has since gained a following and has been more accepted, and appreciated, by franchise fans. Until the addition of Roy Burns, all of the other killers within the game are different film versions of Jason.

Of course, Roy isn’t an unstoppable machine (or, perhaps, Deadite?) like some of the later Jasons. He is very human, so we’d expect his skills to reflect that. Well, they do. While his strengths are throwing knives, stalking and his ability to run, Roy’s weaknesses are defense, grip strength and stun resistance. His weapon will be garden shears/hedge trimmer.

Roy Burns Friday the 13th The Game

Although this hasn’t been clarified yet, we assume Roy Burns’ appearance has some tie-in to their recently announced game mode called “Paranoia.” There isn’t a lot known about “Paranoia,” but it was obvious that a copy-cat killer mode was in the works. In addition to the new killer, a new map is coming as well. Players will explore the Pinehurst Youth Development Center, which was Roy’s hunting grounds in A New Beginning.

The update arrives January 30th, at no additional cost, for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Content will unlock at level 0, so campers and killers of all levels can enjoy. Check out the announcement below!

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